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"Voices of Russian Resistance"


The project team "Faces of Russian Resistance", in collaboration with Fresh Verlag publishing house, presents the book "Voices of Russian Resistance", a collection of the last words of Russian political prisoners.

You can download the book for free or order the paper version on the publisher's website. We also plan to translate the book into English, German, French, and other languages in the near future.

Download in formats:

«There is only one place in Russia where a person can say everything, as guaranteed by the Constitution, without censorship. That place is the courtroom, the last word before the verdict, right before the handcuffs and prison. Apparently, judges and secret police think, "Since we're going to jail them anyway, let them speak." The texts in this book are unique: almost all of their authors are incarcerated. Paying with their freedom for our right to read this.»

Dmitry Muratov,

Editor-in-Chief of "Novaya Gazeta",
Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021

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The electronic version of the book is distributed for free, but you can help us with your donations to translate the book into other languages ​​and prepare additional editions.


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