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About the project

Faces of Russian Resistance is a series of exhibitions in different cities around the world about Russians who oppose the criminal Putin regime, and paid for it with their freedom. Our heroes are not only politicians who led an open struggle for the freedom of Russia. These are ordinary citizens who did not believe the false propaganda and did not accept the invasion to a neighboring country. There are men and women, young and old, political activists, artists, scientists, students, fathers and mothers. They were all jailed for years, some of them — for decades.

The purpose of our exhibition is to tell Europeans about the fate of Russian political prisoners, to attract the attention of Western society to severe violations of human rights in Russia, to ensure that the issue of the release of Russian political prisoners is included in any communications with the Russian authorities that are carried out or will be held in the future.

The exhibition is designed for urban public spaces, boulevards, and squares. The texts on the posters are made in the languages of the country in which the exhibition is taking place. 

In 2024 our exhibitions were held in Tallinn, Vilnius, Berlin, Prague, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Budva, Copenhagen, Munich, Stockholm, Oslo and Riga. In 2024 an exhibition took place in Zurich. There are current exhibitions in Kirenes, Helsinki and a museum exhibition in Tallinn.
Please find events photos and reports at the respective pages.

Exhibitions timeframe by city

2023 exhibitions:

Our plans for 2024:


Мы запускаем новую опцию!!!

Теперь информацию об узниках путинского режима можно не только прочитать на сайте и плакатах, но и прослушать на платформе музейных аудиогидов на нескольких языках.

Tatyana Felgenhauer and Ilya Azar have already recorded an audio guide in Russian.

We are looking for individuals who are fluent in the other languages: English, German, French, among others, and whose voices are well recognized within the language community, to record the audio guides.

If you are ready to participate, please contact Elena Filina on Telegram.

Support the project:

You can support a project or exhibition in a specific city by making a donation below
or on the page "Support the project"


We have raised 7631 EUR during the first month on  PayPal Fundraisers and via other channels.

A new fundraise will be started soon.


Here are the links to our fundraise and expense report as of 08.10.2023:


Our partners

We are supported by human rights and political organizations, as well as independent media.


Write to us, if your organization wants to join the project.

Our team

If you would like to become a volunteer at the exhibition -please fill out the form and we will contact you.

Elena Filina

Idea and organization

Municipal deputy of the Vernadsky district of Moscow (2017-2022), is on the international wanted list

Arshak Makichyan

The idea

Civil activist deprived of Russian citizenship

Ekaterina Demina

Exhibition design

architect, activist

Sergei Novikov

Graphic design


Ilya Azar

Texts about political prisoners

journalist, municipal deputy of the Khamovniki district of Moscow (2017-2022)

Anna Desyatova


municipal deputy of the Danilovsky district of Moscow, convocation 2017-2022

Kristina Morogina

Social networks

political activist

Yuri Volnov

Technical support

deputy of the Preobrazhenskoye district of Moscow (2017-2022)

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