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Lilia Chanysheva wrote a pardon appeal

RT in Russian reports that Liliya Chanysheva, former coordinator of Navalny's headquarters* in Ufa, has written a pardon appeal to the Russian president.

In her letter, Chanysheva, who was convicted ( of creating an extremist community, notes that she has resigned from the leadership of the FBK (banned in Russia) and has stopped engaging in social and political activities since 2021. A copy of the petition was read by RT (

She also said that she had paid a fine of 400,000 rubles and mentioned that she had elderly parents with chronic diseases. The woman has already served 3.5 years (out of 7.5 years) and is asking Putin to release her from further time.

Chanysheva's lawyer Ramil Gizatullin explained to RT that he had not seen her appeal, but had previously discussed such a request with her. The convict's parents Airat and Tatyana positively assessed her decision and said they would write a similar appeal.

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