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Wedding of Mikhail Krieger and Aisha Astamirova

Updated: 5 days ago

According to "Memorial Society" political prisoner Mikhail Krieger and Aisha Astamirova got married on 17 May!

Mikhail and Aisha got married in Naryshkino penal colony-5 in the Orel region. The management of the colony allowed a three-day visit in honour of the marriage.

You can congratulate Mikhail by writing a letter to:

303900, Orel region, Naryshkino settlement, Zavodskaya street 62, FKU IK-5 UFSIN of Russia in Orel region, to Mikhail Aleksandrovich Krieger, born in 1960.

Or via the service "F-letter"

Photo: Alexandra Astakhova

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